Tuesday, July 28, 2009


guess wut i'll talking in diz post??haha..
actually dunno but 4 suresumthing from sink of my .heart.
rsenye title ni xde le seswai sgt ngn pe y mau dluahkn nie..
tp xtaw np..those words in my mind..
so suppose to be shared 'ere..h0h0..

siyesly today so mny feelings dat i can felt..
huh,da pnat sbnanye b'men ngn prsaan..
tp ni kot my weakness..huu~

smpi ble dri ini x mngerti..
ni lg stu words y aq ske ckp..
ntah la..tp kte2 tu ckup bmkne,,

surprisingly.i never dream of it..
suddenly.act,accidentally.oh my God.
but i 've to admit dat i must ignore it..
it's sumthing not important now.but someday.


cet..ak cam da muak dgr words nih..
asal le org dok sebok sgt mnde nih.
lmbt agi maa..
dan plg2 ak xphm asal lk klu doc mst cri doc gk..
my frenz said so..my grandma too..
oh plz la..
ske ati la kot..
apsal??ee,plik tol..
ak salu pk tu pmikirn org tua..haha.
jht gle aq..ke ak y x matured?tah.
tp xkesah le..y pntg i already oppose my grandma said..
haha..gle brani..
n obviously she can dtect dat i already had someone
n wut i lyk she accept it..
wuteva ryte..tp siyes xphm..oppose my frens opinion gk..
xkre pape pn status,y pntg ati..

ohh,dats all...
till then~~konbanwa..

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nUr aFifaH nAzrI said...

urm for me..it was not necessary for us to get a partner among the doctor too.... well it was a decision from ALLAH ..not ours..HE knows what is the bez for us..so dun b to depressed..juz follow where life lead u too..with then...finally u will get the answer,,gud luck honey..take care..^^

fArAzAtIeY said...

haha..siyesly ryte..i juz accept the fate..
klu da jodoh ngn someone y bkn doc gk,accept le kn..evryone same je..no need nk kjar status2 ni. xkn nk cri gk doc y dr lubng cacing mne tah..haha..looking for da future~~*sigh*

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