Saturday, August 8, 2009's promoting tym!!

after long tym menyepi..
im back again!!
whoosh,a bit bz diz wk..
taw2 je le my schedule cmne..

hve u ever try to watch BOF??
not yet??oh no!!
watch it guys..4 sure u falling in luv wit diz drama..
so many2 superb songs..
dat drive me crazy..
madness of me again!!ha-ha-ha..

top 3 songs
1.starlight tears by Kim Yoo Kyung

Kim Yoo Kyung widget by 6L & Daxii

hehe..siap bg lyrics lg tu..

2.Lucky by Ashily

Ashily widget by 6L & Daxii

3.So sad

other songs(have a try 1st cayh).. heart had a brain breeze is fire
4.stand by me more time

6.making a lover by SS501 (oh no..skng da ske lak ss501..songs dorg besh2)
7.fight the bad feeling (rentak dye comey)
8.i know (saxophone!!)

try le dgar ek..klu u all taw meanings dye lg besh!!

im going to promote diz t o evryone..ha-ha-ha..
who cares??

oh yeh..if u intersted nk dload,sng cri kt 4shared..xpon ares..sume ade!!

till then~

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nUr aFifaH nAzrI said...
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n A j w A e said...

lagu plg best ooaehthokejayo-jisun ~

fArAzAtIeY said...

fifa :: jom lyn korea..haha..masyuk2~

najwa :: jisun??aah...ske lg besh ashily kot...0h0h0..

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