Thursday, December 31, 2009

ceritera last day 0f 2009

31st december 09..
the last day of 2009~~
but it was a bad day to me.. i was suffer having gastric..
OMG!!really hurts me..
1st tym kne gastric..
but i would lyk tenx doctor..
sgt2 bez..sgt2 ramah..
i think almost 1 hr..
dok borak2 ngn dye..
luv to hear story from her..
how's lyf as a doc..
so much story..
till im stop talking..
n da mle bwat mke..
not bcuz im sombonk..
tp kerna prut ku sgt2 sket..rse mau tdo kt c2 je..

actually,on dat day i've to help
my aunty..
means kne keja le..
ohh..mmg ni le my duty..
once a year keje..
it's ok wut..
juz kutip dwet..
n gji pon lumayan..
even just 1 day of work..
but yesterday..
i can do nothing..
juz tbaring bguling2..
but still dapt gji u noe..
sy ske~~
klu mcm ni ari2 kje pon xpe..

so,the moral is
dun skip ur meal..
ini le azam taun bru aq..
who cares??
even sy xpnh pon berdiet..
just pemls sket je nk mkn nasi..

notes:dun skip meal..jgn smpi kne gastric..
bcuz it really hurts..1 day of suffering..
n byk plak ubt kne mkn..[haha..sgt bkire]

till then..xoxo~~

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