Wednesday, December 16, 2009

exam vs vacation

unexpected i can read all sy nie pemls gle nk bce..
tebal ibarat 3 buku Robbin kot..

end of my final exam~~
ouh,i lyk ..n i wait for diz day!!
im not going to online for more than 2 weeks..
kerna fnal exam..
trase sgt tabah plak..
gumbira ble da abes final..
lyk usual n lyk others le kn..

end of preclinical lecture..
feel so good now!!

okeh..story sket bout my fnal exam..
14-17 dec..

1st day..package 7..
consists of endocrine sys n reproductive system..
overall,ok..i can answer it well..
i guess so..
jwpn btol x btol xtaw le kn..

then,the next day..
my package 8 consists of
musculoskeletal sys n also CNS..
dua2 notes dye plg tebal n plg byk..
membwatkn aq pnink 1 day b4 exam..
smpi tpkse mkn paracetamol
at 2 a.m..omg..
gara2 riso sgt & xmkn stu ari..
aiyoo..menyesal x mkn pstu..
actually the day of exam i feel glad..
as questions are not hard as i think..
huhu..tenx God..
i think this final exam,well prepared le..
compare previous 2 sem..

n continue by my package 9..
consists of Public health..
sgt burink..n i think diz paper plg hard..
bknnnye ape..
pmls nk bce..
lcture notes y too wordy..n ayt high abes..
pdhal nk explain pe je kot..
n ni plg hard le compare with other 2 package..

n today is the last day for ospe..
no more ospe after diz,but later is oske..
if im not mistaken la..haha
ospe ..overall easy..
but the killer quest is immunisation..
omg..xdpt jwb..
tbe saat bantai membantai je..
tensen je xdpt jwb..huhu

end of my 3rd sem..
n welcome my holiday!!
holiday y full wit vacation..
n plan masak memasak d umah prlu dtruskn..
baking cake n ouh one more plan y sgt2 important..
diz plan sgt spesel..n ntuk org y spsel le..

next sem??
no more lecture..
i guess..
but only my research n also
my 1st professional exam..
how's it look like?
how's to cover everything from 1st sem till 3rd sem?
pnink ble tgk notes y da tngi cm gnung tuh..
nver mind..
think it later..

1 month holiday full of vacation..i lyk~
KL wit my bestest friends,
PD wit collegues
india wit my family..

till then..

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OyOp said...

going to india?? hoho...cuti2 india...akoo nk pusing2 lg..hehe..
agra,jaisalmer,shimla,manali,mysore,delhi...hoho...saje tulih..mane la taw,kalo terserempak...haha...

i got merely 51 days for final...n da best thing is,it's damn a lot!!! anat yg detail cam haram,physio yg specific yg gampang,n biochem yg yg berserabut sume pathway n enzyme....waaaa!!!!

fArAzAtIeY said...

agaga..51 ari ag kot..lme ag tuh..ak 2 weeks je prepare eventhough my stdy week almost 4 nk bce awl,nt lpe2..wuwu..kate nk pegi cochine..eyh,suggest r kt aq tmpt p bez area2 c2..ouh..biochem?mmg memeningkn..tu tym 1st sem aq..ko da blja pblic health..lg le burink..plg xske lcture tu le...haha..pkse dri je dtg

miss zeila said...

gud luck farah....

fArAzAtIeY said...

tenx zeila~

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