Wednesday, January 6, 2010

im still in...

im still in mode malas..
hOo.ble mase mode mau btuka neh?
hurm..still thinking the right tym for it..
ouh,im not find any literature review yet..
hurm,but i guess
it just take such a short period..
im not study yet..
abg nua ckap study from now on..
but,sori abg nua..
xstat study ag..
juz bru mbelek2 3 topic of hematology..
that's all..
huu..let me begin wit new hope now!!

im still in the mode
..drama marathon..
okay,not movie marathon..
but,its drama marathon..
one-by-one will be my halwa mate ari2..
now im watching on
one litre tears..
actually,diz is old drama..
previously i've watched it..
but just 1 episode..
as it's sad story.
i dun lyk!
luv a comedy one..
so i can laugh smpi xingt dunia..
but after being suggested by 2 of 'em..
i watch it again..
n feel diz is a nice story..
urm,so sad when diagnosed
having uncurable diseases..
nothing can guarantee
u out of any disease..
nobody asks for disease..
but God knows u can face it!
thats why He give to u..
dun blame others..
dun blame God..
but accept it pleasantly..
huu..6 episodes more~~
feeling lyk watching it nonstop..

ouh,just finished watch kimi wa petto..
ouh,how come a cute man can be ur pet?
nice story too..
i giv 4 n 1/2 stars..
can it be?ha-ha..

p/s:now im falling in luv watching japanse drama..
ha-ha-ha..i want to watch
new heart..mne nk dload?hurm..

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