Monday, February 15, 2010

waiting for 9 years??

From left to front:ayu,nithia,kamil,naim,baby,kanages,thineshan,jegan,jeffrey,aaron,zahirah,fara,dona,zaki
(not in the photo:deric,faiq and kanimoli) waiting for 9 years
to meet u all..
sape kah?sape kah?
there're my schoolmate during primary school..
x ramai y dtg bcuz msg2 ade hal2 msing..
yele cuti kn..mcm2 le..
bru je plan reunion bsar-bsaran..
tp its ok..
rmi jgak y dtg..
berjaya jgak meriuhkan starbuck tuh..hee..
tenkiu korang~

it's so surprised to see all of u coming..
tenx for coming dude~
15 of us gathered in Jusco Seremban..
such a long tym..
sume muke da laen..
y krus da gmuk,
y gmuk da krus..
unbelivable we can gather together again..

i,as an organizer really sorry for the inconvenient..
bcuz lots of ppl..
cant do so many activities..

actually we just keep talking n talking
at starbuck..
then,melepak tgh2 jalan..
nk wat cmne..
da sume tmpt full~

as evrything is limited..
actually im speechless..
dunno wut to say..
but im happy to see u all..
sy sgt berbangga same mereka..
sume nye hbt2~weewe..

hope,we can meet again as a professional person one day~
gud luck in ur future guys!

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n A j w A e said...

omg.ur long time bf pon ade

i know u know who :P

fArAzAtIeY said...

hahaha..sape kah long tym bf ku?cm xnpk sape je..ala,wae..tau le wndu same dye..haha

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