Friday, June 25, 2010

holz!make-up blog~~

wanna back home!
juz 1 week to go before new sem is starting.
why my holz so short?sigh~
1 week holz.
mari study!
siyesly,i've to be more serious into this.
the reason is im off from study for 3 month. lazy la diz gurl.uhhu~
but,before im getting into it.
new task alr paste up on my wall.
i need to re-make up my blog.
ouh,plz!im kinda borink wit the same layout.
i need a new one.
but,still thinking wut style for it.
need a few days to settle it down.
ouh sory.
i break my promise as before im promise to keep diz layout
as a final one!
ahaha.well,sy rajen ntuk mengedit skng.
wait n see guys for my new pages!
hope everyone like it~

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Rozana Razali said...

yg skrg nmpak knk2.. =P

fArAzAtIeY said...

ahaha.yeah?ok,aq transform ke lbey matured nye.wait n see~yuhuu!!

Anonymous said...

come on la farah~ cam bdk kecik,hik3..
cptla dpt ideaa...dah ari2 bkk pon xde perubahan,hee

fArAzAtIeY said...

uish,fathi kejam!haha.
yke?np sume org kate cm dak kcik nih?ok wut.comey je.ok2.wait n see.owg pnink taw maen2 ngn code n photoshop nih.uhuhu~sbr ea.2,3 ari ag siap le.

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