Sunday, June 6, 2010

sAtOrArE ???

sAtOrAre aka TrANsPaRent


huh,wut do u feel when u've a loud though?
everyone around u can hear wut comes in ur mind.
evry single thing u noe...
such a terrible thing ryte?
feeling lyk to kill suicide.
im wondering if diz happen to me?
no privacy at all...
such a hardness to endure..huu..


actually,diz story comes from jdrama.
ouh,i lyk jdrama as they always come up wit
unique concepts for their drama.
such a unique +entertaining one.
it's totally dfffrnt wit our own products.burinkk~
same storyline.why?

ok,let me review diz jdrama cayh!

Satomi,young,kind-hearted doctor suffers from a rare syndrome which
his thoughts cant be hidden.
there're 1 in 10 million Satorare.
his well-being under special government protection.
urm,kre cm warisan negara r..ha-ha-ha.
As all his thoughts can be heard by other hospital collegues,it creates
such an incovenience to them.
especially to patient.
make them more worried.ha-ha..
so sory for him~
person can hear his thoughts 12 meter away.
but,they're warning by his angel guardian to act naturally.

but,the worst thing when he falls in luv to 1 of female doc there.
haha,his exprssion feelings are broadcast to everyone surround him.
make the girl shame for it.ha-ha
interesting part lorr..

full it by yourself la..
i juz review it.
such an interesting and unique storyline.
i suggest u to watch it.wee~~

p/s:suda ckup review.smbung cite laen nt.ha-ha.mntang2 kje dlm cuti.sgt le goyang kaki,goyang badan.ha-ha

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bole jadik pengulas cite korea..hurm~

yang tersebot said...

nk pnjm bley cte tuhh huhuhuhu

fArAzAtIeY said...

fifa,ni cte jpun..tu r..pengulas due2 cite sy bley.but,not malay ok..xtaw nk promote cne.haha.
klu le ade gji kn,da lme sy rbut kje nih

fArAzAtIeY said...

imah,cte ni ade lam hard disk..cne ko nk pnjm?meh2 cni trun kl..hehe

Ir.Ladybird said...

best en cite neyh...hahaaa..
gile kantoi la weyh sume bnde..hoho~

skinnyjeens said...

nak file dia!! cm best je bole mnghabiskan masa lapang aku. jmaat ni ko bwk eh.

fArAzAtIeY said...

ir.ladybird : haha.besh2..ko pon da tgk eyh.
gle le kn.rse cm skt kpale je klu taw dri sndri satorare.sibbek xde pnykt nih btol2 kt dunia.ahaha

fArAzAtIeY said...

skinnyjeens: yeah..nt aq bg.h0h0..bjye promote.ngee~

Ir.Ladybird said...

da tgk mase sem bape ntah...member ak pomot...hahak...kelaka la jugak..sdeyh pon ade..*emo tetibe* hahaa~

fArAzAtIeY said...

tp cte a bit slow.huu.ltey aq tngu.ngee3~but,not bad le kn..emo lak dye..ahaha~~

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