Saturday, July 10, 2010


uhh.da lme xtulih belog.
lme sgt tuan belog nye m'ilang kot.
lme ke 1 mngu tuh?aq rse cm lme kot.

mntak maap ye kwn2~
mngu in sgt hectic.
adaptation to NEW life.
clinical yr.sumthing dffrent wit my pre-Clin yr.
skng in da process nk memantapkan
evry single physical examination n not to forget,clerking patient.
but,i luv my Clinical yr.sumthing more challenging~


yersterday,im going to PPUKM for
CMEMS of joint pain.
pg2 da stat ngn long lectures.
ouh,sy sgt burink smpi bley tdo ngan sgt lena nye.hua3~
but,for da evening dgn Prof Harlina.
ouh,dye sgt besh.admiring her~ouh2!
but,the thing is timing is not as scheduled.
shud be they dscuss on wut to do when presenters coming late.
jd xde le prticipant get bored n bwat huru-hara sndri,huhu.
sy sgt byk glak ngn mreka bertiga kt cne.smpi blik da rse pening2 lalat.

kami sgt bising.asek glak2 all the tym.rmi d cne sunyi sepi.muke sgt syes.
itu le bdak medic.ha-ha.

balik tdo x x hengat dunia.
i think almost 12 hrs.haha.melampau.
sibbek byk kli tjge2.tym ntuk solat.
nk bwat cne trse bdan cm nk demam.huu~

nota kaki: smpi cni.nt smbung ag,mau bce Browse's Surgery.
nx wk intro for my Surgery posting.uh-hu.

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