Thursday, July 29, 2010

Luv his Ways~

h0h0...suda lame x berblogging.
smpai blog pon da bwat muncung sedepa.h00H0..
dont dont~~

yeah,diz wk posting kt kajang.
sgt suke ,ok!!
many things i learned there.
siyesly i am.
eventhough the places a bit crowded
tp ttap rase besh.
x le secrowded HKL.
tp still crowded le.
bygkn le in between 2 sides of cubicle there'r 2 beds more.
nk bertembung boots pon sush kot.ha-ha.
lg2 dgn kewujudan kami medical stdents
ibarat cockroaches or ants(better to said dat)
wandering around.
going for clerking.going to do physical examination.
going to be an examiner(ha-ha,bajet bgus.suke diz one.suke mengomen org)
going to be vampire.
searching for blood.lalala~
i like this part.
the main reason is for being more professional.
mngsa utama musti r dengue patient.
4 times per day venepuncture.
pkul 12 je da tpacak dpn H0.
bwat muke abes baek.
nk amek darah punye psl.
tp stil xpnh cube insert cannula.
cuak je.ble nk try ni eh?

in HS,i didnt learned so much.
ya,my supervisor so bz wit his works.
but in Kajang there's my fevret doctor.
Dr Khoo.
he's so smart,so handsome.ha-ha.
for da 1st tym presenting case to him.
ouh,i learned a lot.luv his way.
n he also luv to ask me so mny questions.
more focused on me??ha-ha.
sampai Hui Shan jeles.ngee3~~
but,really admiring his way.

n one more my fevret HO,Dr. Ali..
he luv to teach.eventhough we'r lyk kindergarten kids
tp dye rela je melyn..ha-ha.

nota kaki:sankiyu bwat patient2.they're cooperative wit us.
they really cntribute a lot in teaching us for being a good doctor.

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OyOp said...

ni belajar ke cari calon suami?? keh3

fArAzAtIeY said...

ahaha.ko nih..xkn le nk cri calon suami kot.niat baek le beb~~

Anonymous said...

feel very existing!reaaaalllyyy!!!hehe
-u know who am i-hehe

fArAzAtIeY said...

inchik tawu awk sp.haha.u r so excited ya??haha

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