Monday, May 21, 2012


30 days in Seoul.
ya..I've been there for a month.
3 weeks for elective posting.
while another 1 week for my vacation.
ahha.nampak macam baek sangat je
1 week je for vacation.
tipu semata.
actually 4 weeks vacation.

memang le kan nampak 3 weeks elective posting.
tapi lepas lunch je kitorang sume cabut pegi jalan.
im gonna tell u more details.
probably certain posts have more photos than words.
and,require much more times for loading.
just be patient ya dudes :))

my passport and boarding pass.
fly by Korean Air :)

Sampai airport,we all pon rushing for check-in barang.
Omg,my check in luggage total 26kg.
Oversized baggage.Luckily one of my collegues had extra.
Amek part die.Thank you so much,gurl.
Kalau tak,burn la dwet aku.
tak memasal pulak nanti kan.

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