Saturday, October 31, 2009

our 12th annual medic nite


12th annual medical dinner/Medic nite..such a big event!!
place:flamingo by the lake hotel,KL
cantek..siyes ade ujan..xdpt nk bgmbr kt c2..
date :31st oct 2009
time :7.30-1130 pm

n diz yr ,i think is the great one..
sory senior..hee~
not juz me said dat..dean n other seniors too..
tenx a lot to other committee mbrs ~~
eventually our mission is accomplished..
eventhough we faced lots of problems b4 diz event come..
it's all about shortage of money due to no sponsor for diz yr..
at 1st,we run it underground..
dean n others prohibit us to organize diz event diz yr..
but we still did it.
juz to clbrate our 5th senior..
ohh!!so great diz tym..
such a wonderful food ..malay+western food..
tapi tapi..ttap xpat mkkn byk..gara2 slndg y wt hal..
mkn ngn pnuh sopan..haha..
n for sure..sgt puas dpt bgmbr ngn sgt byk2..smpi xlrt nk senyum..
puas suda meleret2 snyum..
sume glamorous!superb!gorgeous!

our event hall dr atas..nice :P

wit my besfwen,azima

before event start

yesh..bgmbar itu pntg~
pic wit buddy 5th yr,3rd yr n 1st yr..4th yr not attend..cdey :(

nk tgk ag??klik cni..medic nite..
hee~xlarat le nk upload sume..
tgk le klu rjen..
komen2 pon bley..peace :)

next focus on stdy..
for visit..ohh lme ag fnal..about 1bln lbey..
but i wish gudluck for those y taking exam diz wk n nx week..
gud luck guys!!

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