Monday, November 2, 2009

^^s0 s0rry f0r them^^

UDE?understanding disease epidemiology..
bcuz of diz,evryone get depressed..
yes,i admit it's hard to get statistic for our country..
siyesly..i spend whole night found out on my part..
tenx God,i dun hve to spend lots of tym for diz 'tingy-mingy' thing..
but im so sorry for them..
i mean other groups..
i noe sum of them spend 2 week,or mybe more than dat i think
juz to find sumthing dat lcturer,judges and collegues appreciate it..
tonite is the last day before our seminar day tomorrow..
but the thing gets worse..
sumbody not contented wit this group n this group..
oh poor thing..
siyesly i noe how they feeling right now..
after kne mrh ngn lcturer ,kne plak mrh ngn leader..
pnt taw crik mnde neh..
n luckily our supervisor lyk our presentation..
no need for us to edit sum more or kna dgr bebelan nye..
chill up my collegues!!
da2..jgn bwat mke cmni ag..
need to do really perfect n so wutever b4 judges failed all of us!!
after diz,facing for scc plak..
im da leader..hope diz thing not occur for SCC plak..
i dun want to get depress as fnal exam juz coming soon..
SCC nt korunk kne wt mke cmni taw..hee~

waiting for research project..
next sem!!
cam menarik..
as we can jln2..pnting2..
dpt prof dr lekhraj rampal as our supervisor..
he is da best on this research thing!!
he is expertise!!
tenx God again..
im so lucky~~hee..

feeling bad tonite..
im feel so sorry for 'em..
be patient guys!

hve a good,pleasure nite~cold weather make a perfect sleep..haha~

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OyOp said...

haha..depressed?! it's normal...take it from the bright side ok....=)

fArAzAtIeY said...

wuwu..sgt tensen da present..our grup da worse..isy,cooperation not good enough...jdik le cmtu..wuu.cdey it affect our rsult..isy2~

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