Monday, September 27, 2010

never expect the unexpected

never expect my mock exam shud be yesterday.
im just thinking of briefing only by Prof Chris..

in the morning,my leader asked me.
fara,which one u prefer?
short or long case?
ouh, for sure la i prefer long case.
yle,ntuk slmat kn.
klu short case nt,klu menggelabah cmne?
tros blurr kot.hambek ko.xpsal2 aq fail.oh no!!

dan,rupanye we've to do both 2 short cases and 1 long case.
spt y sepatutnye la kn.ok,fine!

my long case in the morning and another 2 short cases in the evening.
so luckily i've completed my Mock exam earlier than other collegues.
boleh la aq berlagak tgk cite,maen game smntare y laen mseh sbok study.
hahhahahhahahaha (gelak jahat )

my long cases :

Mrs. K , a 46 years old ,Malay ladies complained of shortness of breath half hours prior to admission.She had previous history of asthma on March this year.
.....bla bla bla....

just a brief one.

my 1st short case:

i have to do cardiovascular examination (CVS)..
Findings : Positive parasternal heave and presence of pansystolic murmur (Mitral Regurgitation)

my 2nd short case :

i need to do examine peripheral nervous system (upper limb)

Findings : Hemiplegia on right side ,hypertonicity and receptive dysphasia

luckily, i noe how to examine dysphasia patient as this is my first tym handle dysphasia patient.ahaha.

the result is out.
not so many comment from Prof.
overall,im passing all the 3 cases.
grateful to Allah.
berbekalkan ilmu di dada n confident y ade,
i can go thru' all the exam w/o so many difficulty.
finally,terjawab juga akhirnye either im gonna pass or fail.
sbb org kate previously batch2 taon2 lps,ade 6 org fail out of 8 .huu.mne xcuak kn.

kawan-kawan y len, selamat study.
troskn perjuangan.
sy suda mau balik.
sile jgn jeles ea.ehehe~

in da mood melayan Haptic Mission.
sbb ade 2 org y sgt chumil ok.
haha.sape lg klu bukn
inche Kim Hyun Joong n inche Kim Bum.
ouh,kesian inche Kim Jun tercicir (Timid prince )
skng bru episode 3..
mari layan..

y lbeybye sile bkak sndri youtube anda ,ok?

nota kaki : mau cpt blk.sbb rase xsbr2 nk wat moist choc cake n orea cheese cake.
tym study last,terase gle nk baking cake.aigoo~ade ke patut?haha

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skinnyjeens said...

ooo. mcm susah je nk bwat PNS examination. aku xpena try lg. aaaa. aku xnk msk medicine! aku nk stay surgical je bleh taakk. :(( haiyohaiyo. xpe la. semoga aku had fun mcm aku had fun time posting surgical :((. bestnya da abes mock, aku jumaat ni. short case :((

fArAzAtIeY said...

pns sng je.y pntg ko kne salu praktis r..siyes weyh.dlu ak memle knfius gle.bkn knfius ag.mmg blurr n xtaw nk wtpe ble senior soh.sbb xingtnye psl.ko kne rajen praktis r.lg2 nk initiate reflex r,wad medicine rmi gle case stroke.
y pntg ko kne clerk n wt short case kt stroke patient.for sure pass le nt.mock exm salu case stroke patient kot.
zati,gud luck r exam.ak mau blk da.haha

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